5 NZ Business Coaches share their Best Advice for your Small Business during COVID -19 lockdown

You are a small business, and your business that you’ve put your heart and soul into has been hit hard. You weren't prepared for this. How do you sell now, when people are facing big problems-........ GET EXPERT HELP FROM SOMEBODY WHO KNOWS LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS- A Business coach or a Business mentor. Here, 5 business coaches in NZ share their top tips for small businesses during COVID-19 lockdown

Starting a business?-Here’s how to build a team that will make your launch a success

70% Businesses Fail because they don’t recognize, or accept their Weaknesses and don’t Seek Help from Others. If you watch any sport, you’ll realize that every sportsperson has a Coach- to train their skills, to keep them mentally fit, to ensure they’re eating right. Behind every successful sportsperson and athlete, there is a support network- Specialists who are all working to help him/her reach her truest, highest self- the best in her field. And just like that, for your business to reach it’s greatest potential, you alone cannot take it there. You’ll need a team- a team whose value and vision aligns to yours.

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