We’re all about Sustainable and Slow Fashion. How?

You will be happy to know that at OhMyCloset, your clothes are-



These clothes are not mass manufactured in crowded factories but made in a small batch by one person in his home in the sleepy Himalayan foothills, providing him a job that pays him a fair wage and brings him pride for his skilled work.



Being made by hand, the manufacturing process of these clothes has not used any machinery that would use electric or other resources.


Safe for the environment

Made with sustainably sourced fabrics, like GOTs certified organic cotton, which is kind to the environment and to the farmers growing them and that which will decompose easily back to earth.


Designed in NZ

The simple, timeless designs can be worn many seasons and hopefully passed on to your sisters and daughters so that we reduce our clothing consumption and generate less waste.


Saving you money

Our mindless shopping for clothes means many times we buy something we don't really need; something that we might wear once and either clutter our wardrobe with it or clutter the landfill.

Our unique "Sleep over it" feature that aims to make shopping easier for us mums also lets you try these clothes at home before you pay anything upfront so you don't impulsively buy something you can do without.