Creative Ways to Build a Working Area in a Home with Little Spare Space

Thanks to the isolation and lockdown we’ve all had to create some form of space in the house where we can “work from home”. If this space for you right now is your dining room table or your couch, that you have to share with the kid’s toys/activities, you know that a quiet little corner just for work will not only boost your productivity but also give you a little project to work on.

But where do you create this space when every little space of the house has been consumed?

Here are a few ideas to create this working zen in tiny spaces you already have.

Convert the bedside table into an office table

If you’re sleeping in,(now that you don’t have to commute to work), you could spring out of bed and start working immediately by converting the space used by your bedside table into an office table like this by
home office small space 2

And this, by


Convert a closet into an office

Do you need to be tucked away with no disturbance while you work? What better place to make a perfect hiding than a closet? Stick a table in the closet in the kid’s/ guest’s room or even the linen cupboard and viola you have the perfect spot for having a zero disturbance Narnia like this by

10 Ideas for Setting Up a Closet Office – Scrap Booking

And this by


What’s on your window sill?

Did you know that your window sill could also function as a working desk? The idea is brilliant as you save space that a desk would use, and the fresh air from the window is bound to freshen up your creativity at work in a space like this by


60 Awesome Office Workspaces | Part 19


Build it

If you’re good with drilling holes on the wall, this floating desk is such a space saver. Build one like this by

And this by


So, there you have it! I hope creating a space like this will give you something exciting to do while you’re bored being stuck at home and increase your productivity further. 

Stay Home! Stay Safe!


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