5 Ways to Make Working from Home Productive and Healthy

Did you know that working from home not only increases your productivity but also leads to a healthier lifestyle?(The Benefits of Working From Home).

With a big number of our working population working from home, it’s essential that we make the most of our time working at home while we are having to juggle entertaining bored kids, wait in long queues at the grocery stores and feel a bit lonely, besides the biggest worry- contracting the virus.

Here are a few tips that’ll help you make a big impact on your productivity and health.


Enjoy the extra time

Suddenly you don't have to beat the morning rush traffic. That’s some extra time for you. Be conscious of how you spend it. Maybe you can practice some light Yoga and meditation or actually take up that hobby or enrol to that online course you’ve been meaning to do for ages. You actually have time for it now.


Dress up for work

It’s so tempting to stay in your favourite PJs to work, but dressing up for work puts you in the mindset to actually work. It also stops you from housework distractions and lets everyone, even the kids know that you are at work and are not to be disturbed.


Move it

Do you have to make phone calls with your team? If you don’t require to be in front of the screen, use this opportunity to move your muscles. Walk- around the house, the deck, the backyard. Get some fresh air; it’ll surely benefit you.


Pack your lunch

The  last thing you want to do amidst working and having children around is assembling lunch. Pack your lunches- your’s, your kids’ and your partner’s the night before. This way if you’re in the middle of a meeting/ important work, everyone can just grab their own lunch without disturbing you.


Know  thy Neighbours 

Have you realised that while you’re stuck at home, so are your neighbours? You probably had never seen them before when you were working all day out from home. But they’re at home now and so are you. Next time you see them in their backyard, balcony, deck, talk to them. Don’t discuss the virus, everyone’s had enough of it. Talk about the kids, their jobs, get to know them. As long as you’re maintaining safe distance, it’s all good.

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