5 Simple Sustainable Steps You Can Take in Your Small Biz and Save Money

How incredible it is that we are the generation bringing a positive change in your lives and our society. We are a generation that march together for the Rainbow community rights, we are a generation where our sisters are shattering the glass ceilings and we are genuinely cheering them on. We are a generation who is conscious that we harm nobody in the clothes, shoes and make-up we wear. We are also a generation that are a part of the rising female entrepreneurs. So while we have that power, let’s use it to do our best - for ourselves, our families, our communities- our planet.

Here are 5 simple ways to do a bit in our home based business, and yes, this one’s for the planet.

  • Use upcycled/recycled/second-hand furniture. 
      1. I bought my work-desk second hand from Trademe. It’s made of beautiful Oak and apparently is 100 years old. Yes, it needed a coat of paint, but it is sturdy, does the job and didn’t cost me much. It adds that charm to my workspace. There is even ink stains in the drawer; I imagine someone long ago sitting and writing a love letter, signing a contract, doing something important before the ink spilled and left that stain.(I do let my imagination run wild :))

  • Do you have to print?
      1. I agree that when you have to read documents longer than 5 pages, it’s so much better to have the document in your hand rather than glaring at your computer screen and getting a headache. So, if you have to print, consider printing on both sides of the paper or print as a booklet. I love the booklet size as this fits in my hand bag easily.

  • Change your search engine.
      1. When you need an answer to anything- you just google it! What if you “Ecosia-ed” instead? Did you know that Ecosia use their profit to plant trees? How cool is that. Visit Ecosia and let every search you make countable.

  • Meet online
      1. I am a bit old school. I’ve always learnt that a phone call is worth a thousand emails and a meeting worth a thousand phone calls. In this day and age, we can easily save time and cost of travelling- financially as well as in terms of CO emissions by simply meeting online. Zoom is a great software to use for meetings especially to share your desktop screens. Any other video calling app like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Skype does a fairly good job too. Best part- you don’t even have to put your bra on.

  • Power down
      1. Check your electrical power consumption while you work. Do you have to sit in your office and have the heat pump going? Could you sit outside in the sun instead? (Perks of working from home in a small biz) or in the living room where the rest of the family is. EECA Energywise is a great place for tips on how to manage and reduce your energy consumption.


    So, here's wishing you the best towards your sustainable journey! Let's do this....it's for our kids.



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