10 Best Podcasts on Spotify for New Entrepreneurs

Do you listen to podcast? Yeahh or Naah??

If you’ve never listened  to one, then now is the right time to quit Nexflix Binging and start learning something that serves you. Yes, welcome the Podcast- a digestible episode of talk on your favourite topic-literally!

Where to get a Podcast? Apple Podcast or Spotify

It appears from the Google Trends report that the demand for Spotify Podcast is a lot higher than Apple Podcast now.

So, we’ll get into Spotify and quickly list the podcasts you should be listening to if you are in the entrepreneurial space- starting a business, pivoting a business, looking for new ideas, trying to adopt new habits and self improvement techniques. The Podcasts in this article are categorised as-

  1. Podcast for building an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  2. Podcast for Inspiration
  3. Podcast for everyday talk on running a business
  4. Podcast for Businesses in Idea Stage
  5. Podcast on Marketing

Podcast for building an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Marie Forleo Podcast

Alive! Bubbly! Energetic!  All the positive vibes that are contagious- this is what Marie Forleo is all about. She talks about everything in life- everything that helps you be the better version of yourself. The guests she interviews are usually renowned professionals who are amazing at their work which provides ample actionable tips for the listeners wanting to develop themselves.

The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani

This Podcast aims to bring all the brilliant minds in different fields of personal growth under one roof, and actually live up to this totally. The range of speakers vary from entrepreneurs and thought leaders to spiritual leaders; men and women with brilliant ideas with one thing in common- getting the better out of yourself.

Podcast for Inspiration

Great Women of Business

Women entrepreneurship is very common today but we’ve had extremely smart and successful women in the entrepreneurial space for more than a century. (We’re talking Coco Chanel to Indira Nooyi) Yes, and they are women who beat all their challenging circumstances – cultural to living in a generation when women had very little privileges. 

This Podcast is for all the women entrepreneurs out there, who want to be inspired by female entrepreneurs who’ve walked this path before them. With awe-inspiring snippets of their entrepreneurial stories, you can learn about them without having to read their biographies and adopt some of the golden tried and trusted formulas into your own business.

Shopify Masters| The ecommerce business and marketing podcast for ambitious entreprenuers

If you are in the product based industry, this is a “must listen to” podcast for you. Shopify Masters is Shopify’s own official podcast series where entrepreneurs share their success stories, how they got to it, what they had to do differently- giving you information at how entrepreneurs across the globe are creating profitable businesses a few ideas that you could incorporate in yours.

Podcast for everyday talk on running a business

The $100 MBA Show

This Podcast is so great as they talk about the real life issues of operating a business- yes the nitty gritty things that perhaps you haven’t even thought about. The episodes are not like mainstream- How to start an email list, or build social media. It’s more in a deeper level- jam packed with just the valuable stuff. So if you feel like yes, I’ve heard it all before ,check this podcast out. It’s definitely  a breath of fresh air. Also, it was apparently awarded the iTunes Best of 2014 podcast.

The Goal Digger Podcast

This Podcast is for all the Momprenuers who are juggling it all- from running a business to taking care of kids. The host Jenna Kutcher creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere for her listeners that feels like talking to an old girlfriend. The interviews done with other entrepreneurs are in a friendly, relaxed and supportive environment- so much feel good factor to it. And not to forget there is simply oodles of valuable information in every episode.

Podcast for Businesses in Idea Stage

Startup Therapy

As their name suggests, the Startup Therapy talks about everything startup- raising capital, life as a startup founder- the good and the bad,  and everything in between and beyond. The hosts offer talks based on real experiences.

The Side Hustle Show

Hustling- We hear it so often now. Every person seems to be hustling along some form of business. Have you been thinking of starting a side hustle? Get ideas, inspiration and learn the tips and tricks- from marketing, social media, sales to hustle trends from seasoned hustlers who have created sustainable businesses from their side hustle.

Podcast on Marketing

The Marketing Secrets Show

Russel Bronson is the author of the the NY Bestselling book- The Traffic Secrets and his podcast The Marketing Secrets is a very personal, journal style podcast where he teaches everything marketing- that is practical and no fluff to get your message across that generates  profitable sales.

Marketing your Business|Marketing Strategies for Business Owners

Stu Mclaren- a genius at marketing, shares his wealth of knowledge as a marketer in his super casual and friendly podcast episodes. He is most popular for helping businesses create membership plans in their business that generates profitable income and the freedom to live the life you want to.

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