Starting a business?-Here’s how to build a team that will make your launch a success

70% Businesses Fail because they don’t recognize, or accept their Weaknesses and don’t Seek Help from Others.

To save yourself from being a figure in this statistic, you need to reach out and build your dream team- a team that will help you manifest your vision into reality.

As a startup founder, or a small business starter, you are switching through so many job titles throughout your work hours. You have no choice but to be a good communicator, good planner, good marketer, good at what you’re creating (which is why you thought of starting a business in the first place) that soon you tend to lose sight of your vision- what YOU ARE ACTUALLY DOING, because your attention is hijacked by a zillion things.

Edison apparently had over 1000 patents under his name. But he was not creating the 1000 things at the same time. He believed in being laser focused on the one thing you needed to do and stay away from anything else. (Source: The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma)

As somebody just starting a business, you are also limited with cash flow and it makes absolutely no sense to hire a staff at this stage but, YOU CAN still create a team, How?

Are you playing the game-

HOPING to Win or to SURELY win?

This is a big question to answer!

If you are playing and hoping to win, your commitment might not be 100% and you probably even have the option to back out if you have to. But, if you are playing to win and only win, you will create everything around you to ensure you win.

Talent wins games, but Teamwork and Intelligence wins Championships

-Michael Jordan

If you watch any sport, you’ll realize that every sportsperson has a Coach- to train their skills, to keep them mentally fit, to ensure they’re eating right. Behind every successful sportsperson and athlete, there is a support network- Specialists who are all working to help him/her reach her truest, highest self- the best in her field. And just like that, for your business to reach it’s greatest potential, you alone cannot take it there. You’ll need a team- a team whose value and vision aligns to yours.

These are the 2 people you should at the least have on your team-

  1. Business Coach
  2. Consultant

Business Coach

Every Hero has a Guide who trains him to fight the villains and achieve his dreams. You are the Hero of your Business and if you want to get to your dreams successfully, you’ll need a guide- a Business Coach.

How can a Business Coach help you.

A business coach brings out the best in you by polishing up the skills you have already- by giving constructive feedback, pointing you to the right resources, creating a general strategy and plan of action you can steer your business towards and most importantly holding you accountable to implement those plans. They are your cheerleader, ensuring your entrepreneurial and growth mindset is on the right track and so work mostly on your soft skills.

But, why should you invest in a coach when you can simply learn things from a Youtube video?

How many new year resolutions have you stuck to? None? But when you and your friend decide to meet up on Saturday morning to take a walk, you make sure this happens, though you sincerely wish you got to sleep in. It takes a lot of discipline to live up to your OWN promises. However, when we make the promise to someone else, we’re more likely to keep it. This is the beauty of accountability. And when you’ve paid someone to get a service, you’re most likely to stick by it. This is one primary reason why you should have a coach.

Besides that, a business coach has the experience dealing with issues that most businesses starting up has faces, so while you might be stuck wondering what your next steps should be, a business coach would have seen many businesses like yours who’ve faced a similar issue and come out the other end with different ideas. Ideas- that you could implement at your stuck phase and come out the other end faster.


When should you hire a business consultant?

When you need to learn skills that you don’t have- hard skills that are teachable and integral for your business. Consultants being experts in their fields can provide you with the right advice and build strategies and implementation plans for a specific issue.

To help you narrow down what you genuinely need help with from a consultant, here’s a tip-

What are you genuinely good at?

What do you suck at?

Make a list!

Now, if you zoomed into your “I suck at” list, what are the things in it that you have no option but to learn about for the operation of your business? For the things on this list, get the person who specializes in this field.

Example- So, if on this list, you had Marketing as something you need to learn about, you would get in touch with a consultant who specializes in Digital Marketing.

Whom to Choose as a Business Coach

How would you choose a Business Coach to work with you? Firstly, compatibility is key. Yes, the two of you need to be compatible so you can have a friendly relationship. However, sometimes, working with a person with a completely different personality can help you see things in a different way and actually challenge you to bring out the best in you.

In this sea of business coaches in NZ, I selected Natalie Tolholpf* as my business coach simply because she was walking her talk; actually doing all the work herself as she preaches to her clients to do. She was out there putting her offers, doing the hard sale talk, networking- really, everything that I knew I  should be doing. So, while many other coaches had fancy websites, lots of knowledge in their content, I could not see them actually doing the stuff themselves.

So, if you feel your small business needs some direction/re-direction, get hold of Natalie Tolholpf- a fantastic business coach in NZ. She is raw, genuine and “Allergic to Perfection” (pun intended) and she talks exactly about how Perfection is your enemy that stops you from taking actions everyday which is what you should be doing to achieve your bigger goals. Her book, Allergic to Perfection, published during the Covid Lockdown period in NZ was really a testament to how much she believes in taking imperfect action. You can get coached by her in a group or one on one. Book a call with her to see if she’s what your business needs.

*The content is not sponsored; No, I don’t receive commissions for mentioning this business

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